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Our Doppio Malto breweries in Erba and Iglesias produce over 15 different types of beers along with various seasonals. Continuous research, an accurate selection of the best raw materials and meticulous testing are key in awarding all our beers their ideal character, making them suited for all occasions.

La Pils

Stubborn and cooling

It is a beer that
should be treated gently.
Insistence is futile and it is always right.

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La Brass

Floral and rewarding

When you think you have reached the bottom
of the barrel, this beer will surprise you.
Give it a try halfway through a marathon of any kind.

We only serve it on draft.

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La Stone

Fearless and charming

A perfect body is nothing without inner strength,
therein lies its secret. This will provide you with all
the Dutch courage you will ever need.

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La Rust

Rich and eccentric

Do you like golf? Sailing? Diamonds?
Tailor made suits? This beer is so luxurious
you’ll forget such frivolities.

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La Summer

Lazy and citrusy

It’s Tuesday, it’s raining, are you expected for a family
dinner? Put on your swimsuit and lounge
in the height of summer. Simply crack open a bottle.

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La Bitter

Refreshing and persuasive

When the mad rush is over, sit down, play a bit of
Springsteen. Two’s company and who says three’s a crowd?!
When you taste, you will see it is bitter to the very end.

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La Leila

Pure and biting - Senza Scuse

No doubt, this is the ideal beer for an afternoon
in a blooming alpine meadow. Anyway, after a couple
of sips, you will feel at the top of the world.

Gluten free, lager style. Low fermentation.

We only serve it bottled.


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La Zingi

Rough and spicy

Have you ever dreamed of wandering
the bustling streets of Bangkok, whilst breathing
in those sweet and spicy aromas? Well, you can now
make that happen with just a sip of beer.

Spiced, Ginger Ale. High fermentation.

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La Mahogany

Seductive and exotic

The first sip and you are transported to the other side
of the world, in front of a perfect sea: there is
a light breeze, the air is full of scents and you are
the best version of yourself. Another sip…

Colonial, IPA style. High fermentation.

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La Leila

Lover and romantic

The beer so beloved by J. W. Goethe that
he famously wrote “Do you know the beer where
the lemons blossom?”. To drink with a book in hand.

Lager style. Low fermentation.

We only serve it on draft.

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La Crash

Fragrant and romantic

Under no circumstances to be consumed with cynicism,
presumption, indifference or arrogance.
This beer is not afraid of tears, smiles and passions.
It is a fairytale experience.

Triple Honey IPA. High fermentation.



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La Cocoa

Wild and tropical

Perfect if chocolate is absolutely forbidden for you.
Side effects: if taken regularly, it could make you change
your mind about samba.

American IPA style. High fermentation.

We only serve it on draft.

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La Imperial

Full-bodied and gentle

If you had your Daniel Craig or Jennifer Lawrence
moment (and it’s gone), you’ll understand. Drink it while
listening “A caress in a fist” by Adriano Celentano.

Black Imperial IPA style. High fermentation.

We only serve it on draft.


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La Old Jack

Cheeky and tough

Recommended for blind dates. Your breath will be
sweet, soft and warm. Your self-esteem very high
and you will forget you are incurably shy.

Chocolate Stout style. High fermentation.

We only serve it on draft.

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