Doppio Malto

The breweries

Happiness is measured in hectoliters

The Doppio Malto master brewers do not all look like Santa Claus but, with their expertise, wisdom and creativity, they all work every day in our two breweries to give customers hectoliters of happiness.
The ingredients are the selection of the best raw materials, the attention to detail and a genuinely artisan production cycle: for a beer of fabulous quality.

Where we make it

It all started in the Erba Doppio Malto brewery, in the province of Como. Here have been created dozens of types of beer, that have received over the years more than 100 awards around the world.
Since 2020 the Erba brewery has become an experimentation factory for new recipes, while production has moved to Sardinia, in Iglesias town, in the new Doppio Malto brewery with a production capacity of five million liters.

How we make it

We are so confident that we make a very special beer, that we need everyone to taste it. Really everyone. Because we are good and ambitious.
We are artisans and we are manufacturers. It’s amazing, but it works.

Why we make it

We believe in sincere beer. Especially when it’s artisanal and intrepid like us, when it’s all about travels, discoveries, emotions. Each sip is a geography lesson, love and magic.
Each ingredient is a treat of happiness. In order to hear this melody, we founded the Doppio Malto brewery and wrote the Master Brewer Magna Charta.
Erba – we come from here
Iglesias – we go forward

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